‘Organic’ denim usage picking up with brands?

There seems to be a craze to launch an organic denim jeans and it seems to be picking up with the brands around the world. First, it was the Japanese brands who tried to create a niche by using everything cotton to make the ‘Organic Jeans’. Now , its the ‘Replay’ of Italy , which has launched the ‘Replay Organic Blue Jeans’ . It seems that everything associated with this Jeans is organic – whether it is the Organic cotton for the jeans, the sewing thread, the removal of metal buttons, oils used for washing jeans or the packaging which will be from the recycled paper.

Though I don’t think that these kind of products make any actual physical impact on the ecology, they do create an awareness among consumers – which does get embedded in their psyche and help creating the cycle which will propel other manufacturers to join in soon..

Keep it up Replay..We shall be seeing many more brands joining the bandwagon soon..

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