New sulphur dyes from Clariant to improve color fastness on denim

Advanced Denim is a new concept based on two new sulphur dyes – introduced by Clariant last week in the Blue Zone fair. They mention that from a technology point of view, Advanced Denim offers fast-to-repetitive washing, good rubbing fastness and an easy application process. Environmentally, it features an ecological dyeing process (no hydros, less water consumption), denim that fulfills GOTS requirements, and wash-down bleaching without the need for hypochlorite (Aox free). Fashion effects include dark denim, ring denim and solid denim, along with a wide variety of shades.

However, Rubbing fastness on denim can be achieved in a number of ways and having a very fast color negates the nature of denim. Denim has retained its youth appeal mainly because of its wash down effects which give  the garment different personas over different periods of time. However, it is the environmental effect that is  interesting and welcome. Traditionally denim manufacturing consumes a lot of water – specially during the dyeing process and water saving in any form is good. Also wash down bleaching without hypoclorite is also environment and human friendly .

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