Patent on ‘Denim designs by laser scripting’?

Lasers have been used by denim people for quite a number of years now to give various designs to the denim fabric.
Hence, I was a little surprised when I saw that a US patent has been awarded for ‘Denim Designs by laser scripting’ which covers designs on Denim Fabric and Garments through laser.

Though laser designs on the denim rolls have been used much lesser than designs on denim garments, there are possibilities to use this method to give mass scale productions with exactly similar designs.

I would however await the invention of the machine which can give all the effects (that are seen on jeans) without using any chemicals or water .. WOuld it not be nice to create the various distress effects as per your choice on a raw denim jeans or to create a ‘Seam Effect’ on your jeans right in a neighbourhood store and not to worry about cutting the length of the jeans??

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