Denim Search Trends- 2012

Is it possible to find out about what consumers are looking for and from where when it comes to any product category if we sift through the searches occuring on Google ?

The answer is ‘Yes” !!

Google is has become the default repository of the likings  and desires of mankind . It is so easy for Google to tell , say – which city in the world is aspiring for a particular product or service or even fantasy or which country in the world has a higher % of mathematics orientation and similar  unlimited other parameters.

Lets see whats happening on the denim scene. 

We did some comparisons for searches. We took four search terms :

  • Soft Jeans
  • Color Jeans
  • Coated Jeans
  • Stretch Denim

The trends compared these all four searches to find their Relative importance. It means that how these terms were searched relative to each other in the last 12 months. Lets see the result

color jeans, denim , soft jeans

The results are interesting. The ‘Color Jeans’ is a strong trend if we compare these searches. Stretch denim is of course always as it is becoming a default fabric for many styles and other popular searches are soft jeans and Coated Jeans.

But which are the top countries from where people are  looking for these kind of jeans the most  ? Lets see

Color Jeans

color jeans

Soft Jeans


Coated Jeans

So we can see that for Color Jeans  USA , Brazil and Canada are the markets where consumers are looking keenly for these products.  Similarly for Soft Jeans and Coated Jeans there are UK and US at top places.
So does it mean that if a retailer is selling ‘Color Jeans’ in US Brazil or Canada and which has stretch and is quite soft , will it do well ? 
Well depending on many other factors like pricing and positioning, it can be generally said – YES this would be a good biz !

Is it also possible to find out , say , which color of jeans could be most popular ?
It looks like RED COLOR is among the search terms getting most popular .

red color jeans

And if you wish to see live data on the chart , see below :

Note: Check out the interesting video from Stylesight regarding the first launch of from Levi’s first ever NYFW runway show providing a peek at the F/W 12 collection and interviews with Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s VP Global Men’s Merchandising and others..

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