Sustainable Development Through Denim Chemicals From Garmon and Bozzetto

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

says Brundtland Politician and sustainable development leader.


This concept has been imbibed by Garmon and Bozetto – who are a chemical manufacturing company from Italy and firmly believe in innovation with sustainability.   According to them , world still lacks the know-how and technologies to be 100% sustainable; but they are doing their bit and  moving forward by :

  • Reducing the water consumption required for treating garments
  • Reducing the temperatures required, required energy and Co2 emissions.
  • By using chemicals with lower environmental impact.

They mention that they can reduce water consumption by combining a range of production processes:

  • WaterSTONE WASH + BIO-BLEACH Savesat least24 lt. per garment(2rinsesr.b. 1/10 + bleachr.b. 1/10)
  • NEUTRALIZATION + DESIZINGSavesat least16 lt. per garment(neutralizationr.b. 1/10 + rinser.b. 1/10)
  • NEUTRALIZATION + STONE WASHSavesat least16 lt. per garment(neutralizationr.b. 1/10 + rinser.b. 1/10)
  • SOFTENER+ BIO-POLISHINGSavesat least16 lt. per garment(bio-polishingr.b. 1/10 + rinser.b. 1/10)
  • SOFTENERSPRAYSavesat least4lt. ofwater per garment
  • DIRECT DYEING + BIO-POLISHINGSavesat least16 lt. per garment(bio-polishingr.b. 1/10 + rinser.b. 1/10)
  • REACTIVE DYEING + BIO-POLISHINGSavesat least16 lt. per garment(bio-polishingr.b. 1/10 + rinser.b. 1/10)
  • PIGMENTS DYEING + BIO-POLISHINGSavesat least16 lt. per garment(bio-polishingr.b. 1/10 + rinser.b. 1/10)

Garmon & Bozzetto’s ECO-SUSTAINABLE process allows all production phases to be carried out “cold” or at the lowest possible temperature.

  • COLD DESIZIN GA saving of 35°C equal to 3.5 m3of methane and 6.65 Kg C02
  • STONE WASH AT 40°CA saving of 15°C equal to 1.5 m3of methane and 2.85 Kg C02
  • BIO-POLISHING AT 40°CA saving of 10°C equal to 1 m3of methane and 1.9 Kg C02
  • COLD BIO-BLEACH A saving of 40°C equal to 4 m3of methane and 7.6 Kg C02

Some more details on their eco sustainable denim products can be had from this presentation below

Garmon & Bozzetto Italian Fashion Chemicals is a JV, result of a successful cooperation between two Italian companies leaders in the textile market worldwide:

  • Garmon, present on the market for over 30 years, pioneers, since the 80’s, in the research and development of formulas and chemicals for garment wet processing.
  • Bozzetto Group, a chemical company, with a tradition behind it: almost one hundred years of ongoing improvements, with a constant evolution in technology, products and territorial expansion with a wide range of chemical auxiliaries, which cover the complete textile chain, from spinning to finishing.

The strong reliable and innovative know-how of GARMON & BOZZETTO is the result of a combination of experiences and of the presence, in the Denim market, since the beginning of the’80s: the boom of the use of this fabric has, in fact, lead the company to sign relationships with the major national and international manufacturers.

GARMON & BOZZETTO owes its success to a highly motivated team inspired by a genuine passion for casual fashion: it is a group of young, dynamic and highly specialized technicians continuously engaged in finding innovative, surprising solutions and in constant contact with designers of the most important brand.

To add value to their customers, they also organise training classes based on both theory lectures on the know-how of the chemical formulas
THE ITALIAN JOB  is  a structure entirely dedicated to the activities of R&D.

THE ITALIAN JOB’s team is working daily on new applications and new formulas offering to the customers the possibility to create samples and prototypes with innovative treatments and by using performing chemicals.
Behind the concept of “Finishing” there is a process that embraces all the know-how and creativity of the Made in Italy, in fact, “Italian style finishing” is the benchmark for fashion worldwide and represents the added value for those customers.

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