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Denim Professionals is probably the most frequented site on the net for denim supply chain professionals from mills, brands , retailers , manufacturers around the world (hope we did not sound pompous– just a little proud..!) . We are opening some new sections on our site where the companies could advertise themselves  and make themselves  and their products visible to our discerning visitors . These places on our site are :

a) Sidebar : We have one slot available on the sidebar which enables a company to be visible to all the visitors on our site. This is probably the most valuable location available on the site.

b) Denim Mills Directory : Have you tried making the following searches on Google ?

You would have found our ‘Denim Mills Directory’ page coming on the top. These are just some of the possible searches and effectively if a buyer is searching for a denim mill anywhere around the world, they would land on this page . With a  large number of denim mills around the world listed here , the buyers are able to reach their desired mills. But how would it feel to be on the top of this world list of denim mills and get the  first and immediate attention of the buyers/visitors. Well, the slot on this page will enable one denim mill to have the right to first being viewed and visited and to be on the top of the Denim Directory . Indeed a cool place for a mill to be !!

c) Denim Brands : This page is again one which we are proud of as it is being continuously loved and listed  as a top page to visit for finding about denim brands worldwide.  We feel happy that many visitors searching  looking for accurate information on denim brands are able to find it here. Try searching ‘Top Denim Brands’  , or ‘Denim brands in USA’ , Denim brands from Japan and you will land up here . There is one slot available on this page.
As we go further deeper into this section , we give details on denim brands worldwide through this section and details on individual brands look like this – click here. With almost all top denim brands worldwide finding similar  pages in our  directory , we are offering a single slot on all of these pages ..

d) Denim Collections : What if you wanted to have a look at denim collections from some top brands worldwide for S/S09 and A/W’ 10 and S/S’09.. Either search for it on google one by one or just reach this page and find links to these collections. In any case ,  if you search for denim collections on Google  , you are going to reach here  !  Again , we are offering one slot on this page.

e) Under Articles : We have one slot available for denim companies who might want to be visible to our visitors at the end of ALL ARTICLES on our site. Not a location which any visitor would miss to notice !

For more details on terms and rates  visit this page or email us  by clicking here .
And before I forget to mention, we will also be shortly starting the facility for creating a dedicated page for those who want to be more visible on our site. This page will be totally dedicated to that company and shall list out details on the company and display its products too! But only denim industry related companies shall be invited to join …..

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