Denimsandjeans Japan Innovation Hub In March 2020 At Tokyo

Denimsandjeans family is happy to announce the dates of its maiden Japan show to be held at Tokyo . The show will be held on MARCH 4-5, 2020  .

The show has already created a sense of excitement amongst the blue community globally and post the announcement with many of them wanting to be a part of the innovation hub. The Japan show has been planned in view of the importance of Japan being a very important part of denim innovation globally as well as it has a long history in Indigo and denim and has been able to teach a few lessons to the global community in terms of technological and fashion directions that the industry takes. The uniqueness and ethos of Japanese Fashion have always inspired the global denim community and designers look for Japanese Trends as an inspiration. It is a pole of attraction for designers from brands around the world who go there is a search of inspirations from the perfectionist fashion creations of the Japanese designers. So far as the volume is concerned, over 180 million pieces of denim coming to Japan every year.

Japan is one of the most innovative countries when it comes to fashion and especially denim. The show will be a symbol of respect to the abominable spirit of Japanese industry to be constantly innovative and contributing to the global denim development. Hence the focus would be on bringing this show as an innovation hub bringing the most innovative global companies together. Denimsandjeans shall be focused on creating this show as an innovation hub where the key global players from fibers, chemicals, technology, mills, washing, garments, etc will come together bringing their latest developments and inspire the visitors. Local Japanese craftsmen, brands, mills, etc will be involved and will enable the fusion of fashionable innovations to surface from the show. This collection of companies will be carefully selected and curated to enable only those companies to be involved who can add value to the innovation hub that this show will aim to create. The involvement of some key fashion designers and technologists from across the world as speakers will enable the show to also serve as a knowledge sharing platform.

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Besides, Denimsandjeans will continue with its two shows – one in Vietnam and other in India. The 4th edition of Vietnam show ,which is themed under – My Earth My Denim , will be bringing some of the most reputed denim companies all around the globe including Artistic Milliners, Prosperity Textile , Black Peony , Kassim Denim, Swarovski , US Denim & Apparel , Arvind Denim, Kilim Denim, Foison , Soorty , Crescent Bahuman, and SD Chemicals along with some large Vietnamese Garment Exporters. The show is going to have 4 denim talks/seminars/presentations by International Denim Experts from the US and Europe. The show is scheduled for June 12-13 at Riverside Palace, Dist 4, Ho Chi Minh City. You can watch the previous season of Denimsandjeans Vietnam here.

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The show in India is scheduled for July 17-18 at Hotel Lalit, Bangalore and it is going to be the 3rd edition. This show will have over 45 companies from different parts of the world including Vietnam, Korea, Turkey, Italy, Spain, India, and Singapore. Keeping the theme – RESURGENT INDIA, Denimsandjeans would like to bring the focus of International denim community on growth prospects of Indian Denim Market and also focus on India as a large sourcing location not only for fabrics but also for denim apparel .In past years, many international brands including Zara, H&M, GAP, and Uniqlo advocated the rising and growing opportunities in the Indian Market. The show brings all the denim supply chain partner under one roof for two days, this enables them to understand the market very closely and hence helps them to develop accordingly.  A brief tour of the show here.




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