The Circle Book- 2nd Edition

Circle Book

The future of the textile and fashion revolution lies in collaboration and circularity. The ACT TOGETHER alliance between Lenzing , Meidea, and Officina+39 resulted in the creation of THE CIRCLE BOOK, a lookbook and work tool. This book explains how to produce ideas and initiatives connected to responsible circular fashion, to inspire new generations of conscious designers. Transparency is the core of the whole plan, from conceptualization through fibers and textiles to finishing and onto finished clothes. The makers want to pave the way for future generations of conscious designers by setting an example in education. They provide openness of information to contribute to a new creative and sustainable fashion model based on corporate cooperation.

After expanding the project this year, they are ready to present THE CIRCLE BOOK SECOND EDITION with an even larger set of companies – one that has transparency and circularity in denim design as one of its primary aims.


Circle Book

CULTURE.IN is the title of the capsule: the alliance formed a synergistic partnership of ten firms, which comprises all the supply chain’s members and tracks all of their operations throughout the processes. Each company’s product value is represented in the virtue of its production site, which perceives circularity as a prominent feature.

They have designed a realistic concept that articulates a connective supply chain, with the possibility to ACT TOGETHER to strengthen the message and to express the values of each firm. The purpose is to engage consumers who are confronting the circularity issue.

To create their collections and merchandise more versatile, brands can discover a trustworthy, traceable supply chain. To do this, the production’s backstage is documented and presented in photos and videos in a narrative that spans the whole production process, from the very beginning to the final lookbook and campaign. The project is inspired by the philosophy of life.  The brands believe that In the future, our households will be self-sufficient ecosystems/habitats where we may live happily and evolve with the people who live in them. Because of this connectivity, there is less of an impact on the environment and less waste. Nature expands inside places, influencing and integrating with textiles.

For this collection, we implemented the circularity standards to include aspects that can be used in the production process as well as recycled or degradable materials and easily dismantled and reassembled products that are accessible to a wide range of individuals.

The design, resource conservation, and long-term usability of the final product are all factors to be taken into consideration.


Circle Book

Meidea Team has been working on the entire project, contributing to the physical representation of a denim assortment.

The outfits were created by combining the production expertise of THE CIRCLE BOOK 2’s new team and integrating their sustainable technology in the best possible way to decrease production waste and build garments that could be traced from fiber to finish. Hemp, organic cotton, Refibra, and Tencel were used in THE CIRCLE BOOK 2 collection. Starting with RTD or RAW bases, the balanced palette is produced following contemporary trends, colors that inspire serenity and well-being, a chromatic core with less pigment, thus already drained to minimize the consumption of water in the final treatments.

 In its formation, many efforts of multiple member brands took place. With the skillset of Officina +39 and Recycrom, which turns textile waste into powder dyes, TEJIDOS ROYO and CALIK DENIM textiles come together in a fresh perspective.

“This year we’ve expanded the project and we are ready to launch the second edition in collaboration with many engaged partners, a team with common goals focused on transparency and circularity in denim design.” Says Eleonora De Martin, Meidea

 The collection also features Ribbontex’s labels and ribbons that are manufactured from biodegradable materials such as recycled plastic bottles, cotton, and polyester, as well as eco leathers, 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, and hemp. Spring 85 supplied the buttons and rivets, including steel buttons manufactured from 100% re-used manufacturing waste.

 The collection consists of Recycrom, which is the industry’s most eco-friendly dye because it’s made from textile waste. Recycrom is a breakthrough technique created by the Italian textile chemical firm Officina+39 that uses 100 % recycled substances to generate long-lasting colors with a natural washed-out finish. Finally, they had Dr. Bock Industries who was in charge of garment production employing Crafil yarns, with additional support from the company’s designers. Clothing from the CULTURE.IN capsule collection is given the final polish by RGT laundry experts.

 The assortment takes fabrics from TEJIDOS ROYO and CALIK DENIM to meet Officina +39 and Recycrom’s expertise. It believes that it can achieve fantastic results because of the many fiber qualities and performance that make up the variety of textiles, such as hemp, organic cotton, Refibra, and Tencel.

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