Denim Import By Vietnam – January 2021

Vietnam is an increasingly important denim apparel production and export center. With various factors going against China, Vietnam has come out to be the biggest beneficiary. Denim production started slowly but surely and with strict Vietnam laws, eco-friendly production methods and technologies have been employed in most factories. With its FTA with the EU, we see a great increase in production in this country and the same can also be visible with increasing imports of fabrics – one department where Vietnam is weak and is an opportunity for suppliers. In this report, we are covering the denim fabric imports in Vietnam during January 2021.

The analysis will be in three parts

  1. Countrywise Import Analysis
  2. Leading Suppliers
  3. Leading Denim Buyers
#Particulars /Content of the report
1Table showing country-wise Denim Imports along with Average Price and % Share of countries during January 2021.
2Graphs showing month-wise Denim Imports, Average Price, and %Share of countries during January 2021.
5Table showing Leading Denim Buyers along with Average Price during January 2021.
6Graphs showing Leading Denim Buyers along with Average Price during January 2021.
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The importance of Vietnam is going to increase over the next few years as the effect of FTA with Europe becomes more visible and import duties into the EU become zero. We are going to see more and more exports from Vietnam in the coming years. Would be interesting to watch the details in the upcoming quarters of 2021!

Keep on watching for details !

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