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Are you a denim maniac ??

Well actually let me try to define who is a denim maniac.

  1. A person who loves denim :)  .
  2. A person who can think about denim even in his dreams !
  3. A person who has worked with denim – either at fabric, garment or marketing stage for a long period of time.
  4. A person who has specialized knowledge on denim production, finishing, marketing ,fashion trends ,or other aspects of denim.


If you are the person described above, you fall in the category of ‘Denim Maniac’. If you are one and would like to show your knowledge on various aspects of denim to the world, is the right place for it.


We are publishing articles from various denim experts around the world with full credit to the article contributor and a link to his/her site. You can check a sample article here .


If you are a the person described above and interested in publishing an article on , just send me a small email at  with a brief profile of yours and the topic that you might be interesting in writing on. Remember, I shall help to refine the article if need be – so don’t worry if you have never written an article..

  1. Hello,

    I am leading washing head in Palmar, Mauritius. I am looking new wash techniques in wet/dry process.

    Can you help me!

    Thank you.

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