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Jomu Textile is a leading producer of denim fabric in Vietnam and they specialize in high-quality denim fabric production. With a production capacity of over 2 million yards per month, they are well-equipped to meet the needs of customers with bulk orders. They are now participating at the Denimsandjeans Vietnam Show on March 1-2 and invite all interested buyers to come and visit their booth at number 8. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out more about their products.

And we spoke to their Director , Nicolas Koehl who answered questions about his company and product range.

Jomu is a low profile denim company with a very different model of business. Can you share how it works and how it developed?

The Jomu business model was actually inspired by making detailed observations of the hypercompetitive Chinese domestic market. We found in Guangzhou especially, the factories would specialize on specific parts of the production process, so for example, you can find factories that only specialize in dyeing denim, or only weaving or finishing. So the idea that you can specialize to the point where you just focus on what you’re good at really made sense to us. We found ourselves with top of the line high quality machines, tons of manufacturing potential, but with limited reach into the traditional brand market where new fabric designs are constantly needed, and sales cycles are more than 6 months long.

  • So we decided that we would focus on providing our production capacity to customers who already knew what they wanted, and would supply the yarns necessary to weave it. We like to call it a “processing” business model.

With this processing approach, Jomu has been able to differentiate itself from other denim companies and gain recognition among a new generation of denim enthusiasts.

Covid years must have been very difficult. How did survival happen during these times?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous effect on the global economy, with many businesses struggling to stay afloat. We were no exception, we saw orders for export being cancelled or greatly reduced during this time.

  • Our domestic processing customers became our core focus during this time, and this was the key to success. Times were especially challenging during the Vietnam imposed lockdowns from July’21 until October’21.
  • Given our shipping to domestic customers was blocked anyway, our company decision was to close during the lockdown period and wait for things to return to normal. This was a very difficult time for everyone, but coming out of it we were able to run at over 90%+ capacity almost immediately onwards.

3) How do you keep innovation moving at Jomu?

One of our main efforts in the most recent years was to focus on innovation in the energy efficiency space.

  • We can all feel the rising cost pressure in the economy, and the best way to get through times like these is to find ways to reduce the energy cost per meter of fabric. It is important to keep innovating in order to remain competitive.

It is my strong conviction that investments in this space are a key differentiator and will put us in a strong growth position when things improve again. Even simply looking inside the factory and challenging established ways of doing things can lead to innovative changes, and this should be something that is encouraged in every team!

4) What key products you focus on so that your unique service to clients is valued more and more. What would be your focus areas during the Denimsandjeans Vietnam show.

Right now, we want to promote our unique business model to make other people aware of what we do. A lot of our customers are other denim producers looking for more capacity or just close access to the Vietnam garment market in terms of logistics. Our expertise in the local market makes us a valuable partner for anyone looking to get closer to the Vietnam market.

5) Why do you believe in Vietnam and why do you think it has a great future in textiles, especially denim.  

One must always consider the long term trend in a country. Vietnam has a vibrant, young and growing population. They are increasingly receiving better education and training each year, eager to make a name for themselves on the world stage. With such an enthusiastic and capable workforce, Vietnam has all the right ingredients to become the go-to destination for denim production.

People are noticing, and the view that China was the only place to buy denim fabric is no longer widely held. The domestic market is huge and people love wearing jeans and being stylish here: there will surely be a positive future for everyone involved.

In summary, Vietnam is well-positioned to become a major player in denim production in the coming years due to its vibrant economy and young population that is becoming more educated every year.

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