Denimsandjeans.com is a premium denim focused site which is being read by denim professionals from around the world and coming from  denim brands, denim mills, exporters, large retailers etc. All posts on the site are  sent to about 1250 subscribers (mainly  denim professionals)  by email and are also read on a number of denim forums on professional sites like Linkedin. Advertising on the site brings the companies in touch with

1) Newsletter : Denimsandjeans newsletter goes to over 5000 subscribers around the world and is normally shared by many people who receive it. We do provide sponsored article option to companies under which a special article is created for them and is sent through our newsletter. The article must meet our guidelines in showing facts about the company or its products and should not be superlative eg ” XYZ is the best company or product in the world” . We will edit if the article is sent to us and will share with company the same before publishing. Please note that the article will be published which will remain on our site for visitors to see and the same will be sent as a newsletter giving double benefit to the advertiser.

The cost for the same is :
One Newsletter : USD 1900 per article.
Two newsletters : USD 1500 per article
Three or more newsletters : USD 1250 per article
If more than one newsletter is subscribed, we will space each by about 8-10 days.

Here are the advertising rates  which are valid  for booking till 31th December 2021

Ad Name Location Size & Type Availability Price
for 1 Month
for 3 Months to 1 year /
Top Spot Top Navigation Banner 718x89px
Available $1300 $1050
SideBar Banner On the sidebar 320X90px
1 out of 2 spots $750 $650 p.m
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Note: Big sidebar is also available in the size 160px x 600px. The price for the same is same as the ‘Top Spot’

What are our sponsors saving about their experience with us ?

“For many years we have been looking for media types reaching out to a very specific audience: Technical oriented professionals at the denim manufacturers, laundries and brands around the world. Some of the traditional media touch this market segment every now and then, but not on a continuous basis. So when we started learning about Denimsandjeans.com via their e-newsletters and the LinkedIn group we became very interested in this new type of communication platform. As the content of Denimsandjeans.com, -the technical and market data-, is so detailed and elaborate it is no surprise that many professionals in the industry review the information frequently. So it was only a logical step to sponsor Sandeep’s initiative with our PrimaGreen Flexible Fading campaign. Via the banner advertisement on Denimsandjeans.com we receive a growing hit-rate on our on website as well as an increase in leads from industry decision makers. A recent interview about FlexibleFading on Denimsandjeans.com included a presentation on slideshare. Since January 2012 this presentation was viewed ~1200 times! Imagine doing the same number of “cold calling” and the cost associated with that..”

Nico van Schoot ,Marketing – BioActives

Notes :

  1. Denim Mills directory : This page is top listed in Google under searches for ‘Denim Mills’, ‘Denim Mills in USA’, ‘Denim Mills in India’,’ Denim Mills in Pakistan and similar keywords. Thus it enables buyers searching for denim mills in any country to reach a particular mill instantly. Advertising here enables one to get catch buyers attention before he reaches for other mills.
  2. Denim Brands : This page  lists some of the top denim brands around the world including those from USA, Italy, Japan , Sweden and many other countries . This page is  top listed in Google for various search terms like ‘Denim Brands’ , ‘Japanese Denim Brands’,  ‘Italian denim brands’ and many such search terms. The ad comes on the top of this page and enables advertisers to get attention from the people searching for good denim brands.
  3. Denim Collections : This page lists the denim collections of various top brands around the world  and enables one to find collections for various seasons  and  is also top listed for search terms related to ‘Denim Collections’  and similar terms.
  4. Denim Fairs : This page lists the various denim fairs around the world and their schedules. This page is often checked by our visitors to find the fair dates as well to read reviews on those fairs. This page is top listed for the search term Denim Fairs and other similar terms.

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