Diesel Black Gold Puts On More Glam For Fall 2016 !


Diesel Black Gold adds on further glam to remain attractive to enable the DBG clientele coming back ! Adding a bit of razzle – dazzle to the collection, the collection makes extensive use of Lurex jacquard and metallic leather besides playing with design proportions. Lurex, shiny leathers , cropped denim inset with jacquard and velvet helped elaborate the nightscape theme the brand took.

Velvet printed jeans were one of the most attractive pieces from the collection. Though a technical possibility for quite some time, new dimensions are taken on when Diesel uses it. Velvet had been printed , in 3D, onto the surface of jeans either in full or in patterns. Mottled patterns were eye catching while the allovers had more glam effect. The jeans were paired with lurex turtlenecks to create that perfect party night out looks.


Pre fall 2016 denim Trends Denimsandjeans.com

Pre fall 2016 denim Trends Denimsandjeans


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