Reflective Denim By Naked And Famous

The Canadian brand Naked and Famous always tries to think out of the box and have brought out products like scratch and sniff fabrics, color changing jeans and more . This time  they have brought out the innovative Reflective Denim which glows in the dark .

naked and famous reflective denim

Naked and Famous baked a special  coat on a Japanese denim fabric to create the unique reflective effect. The reflective coating is comprised of millions of microscopic glass beads which reflect light. The jeans also contain 2% elastane for extra comfort and versatility making them ideal for active lifestyles. The jeans shows its reflective properties in dark when faced with a beam of light and is specially useful for those who like to walk on roads. Of course, will be great to look at in discotheques as well. The jeans are available at Barney’s and will set you back by $265!

Check out the jeans in action in the video below .

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