1945 Levi’s from Japan?

It may seem improbable that the most authentic vintage versions of the most famous American Apparel brand – Levi’s – have to be bought in a some ‘Hinoya Plus Mart’ in Japan…
But it is true as New Times Reports . The vintage Levi’s with the most authentic accessories including Scovill Zippers , can be found in this obscure mart in Tokyo.
So much so that Levi’s has been forced to sue them . And of course that has not been without a sense of guilt since Levi’s itself has not been able to produce such authentic versions of their own Brand!

Well, we can all trust Japanese to go to any levels to achieve perfection and beat everyone . The same applies to denims also. It must also be marveled that the Japanese are still able to produce and sell their Denim Fabrics at their prices inspite of the fact that this fabric has been commodotised to a large extent ..Hats off to them..

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