Digital Jeans ?

I had been wondering for quite a long time when someone would give a digital touch to a pair of Jeans.
Well, it seems that Denim Code of France has done the same . It has embedded a barcode in the Jeans which can be photographed with a mobile..
And then?
A little difficult to understand, but then one can gain access to video clips, music and films over your phone.
I like the idea of giving a Digital Touch to a Jeans and I feel its a good strategy to offer free downloads to the buyers of Jeans – if the buyers are young and in the age group 15-25 , as this age group is the highest user of mobile contents.
However, it remains to be seen how good the content that the company is offering is (for download). If it is really good, the company can expect good excitement to be built up in the youngsters.
Let’s wait and watch…
Let’s wait and watch..

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