Guess Women’s Spring / Summer Denim Collection 2011

Guess introduced a spring collection that incorporates vintage American influences on which the Guess brand was built.

The women’s spring collection is broken down into two main stories: Traveling Faire and Wild Romance. Traveling Faire, the first of the spring deliveries, is built upon American classic vintage style combined with California chic. Some features :

  • Gypsy inspired stripes , florals and vintage washes.
  • Lightweight fabrics are used both for leggings and regular jeans.
  • Patchwork detailing ties into the bohemian styling influences.
  • Red and white colors can be seen .
  • Floral printed denim takes on a more important role.
  • Hi-waisted shorts and jeans are offered in a variety of pastel shades.

guessJeans2011ss1    guessJeans2011ss13

guessJeans2011ss4 guessJeans2011ss5

guessJeans2011ss7 guessJeans2011ss8

guessJeans2011ss9 guessJeans2011ss10

guessJeans2011ss11 guessJeans2011ss12

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