Orta Anadolu AW 15/16 Concepts

Orta , Turkey, brings out few interesting concepts for their Fall Winter ‘15/16 denim collection including the ‘Whites’  inspired by Aviation clothing , ‘Rebel Blues’  inspired by jeans worn by iconic figures like Marlon  Brando and James Dean etc. Here are the details of their denim concepts.  Orta define in their own words the idea and design behind each concept below which they are launching at Denim by PV.

Arctic Whites

“Capturing the golden age of aviation in the 1920’s and 30’s, and the spirit, elegance and romance of the first female pilots that took to the skies. The courage and style of heroines such as Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson became Orta’s inspiration. This concept brings together original antique aviation clothing from The Vintage Showroom’s collection with Orta’s fabrics to create a wardrobe fit. Arctic Whites uses the shades of glaciers of the Arctic Ocean. Beautiful stone wash finishes, dirty off whites and greys capture the drama of this landscape of shadow and light while perfectly showcasing the fabrics chosen for the concept.”



Body Science

“In this concept, Orta used science to create a kind of denim that fits for everybody’s desire.  With high stretch and great recovery, it’s flexible to your needs and has the endurance to keep up. Incredibly soft to the touch and luxurious against the skin, it offers you the comforts of home no matter where you go and what you do. Body Science knows how to keep you happy. With a dressy silhouette, impeccable drape and uncommon luster, it helps you look your best and lets you shine like the star you are.”




Comfort Squared

A new stretch technology developed by Orta for men to feel good to look good. Comfort Square creates a better range of motion for active men who require both form and function simultaneously in their daily wardrobe. Prorating the total 40% stretch in both warp and weft direction ensures good elasticity, whilst maintaining a denim look.”





“The concept of Fits Well is devoted to an active lifestyle,comfortable and stylish enough for long days, and sharp enough for the nights that follow. Developed for both men and women, FitsWell yields freedom of motion. The highly engineered constructions are designed for a super slimming effect, whilst pampering your skin. Lift technology, defines the silhouette and retains its shape throughout the day. The micro PES fiber features amazing fluidity as well as incredible softness and moreover, Fits Well is a performance plus denim concept thanks to duo-core technology.”



Rebel Blues

“From Marlon Brando to James Dean, Ginsberg to Kerouac, the legacy of the 1950’s rebellious spirit still stands strong. The legacy of the rebellious  youth is still very much with us everywhere from classic cars to motorcycles, basket houses to dive bars. Rebel Blues shows the heritage fabrics in Orta’s collection and their roots in this era. Playing with iconic 50’s biker rebel figures whilst reinterpreting classic silhouettes with vintage inspired washes to showcase the fabrics.”



Round Midnight

“Round Midnight is a modern nod to the rock icons of the 60’s and 70’s. The 60’s and 70’s were a time of great change in the world, particularly in fashion. This change is personified by the rock icons of the time. From classic front men like Morrison, Jagger and Hendrix to punk bands like The Clash and The Ramones. ‘Round Midnight is a modern nod to these musical innovators.Developed for both men and women, it is a mix of breathable comfort underneath, with bold and sleek coatings on top. There are three new coatings: Glaze (soft feeling with a leather-like shine), Haze (smooth matte for a smart casual look with clean twill lines) and Craze(subtle, natural shine which develops a unique character with wear). This collection, designed by Serdar Uzuntas, is as wild and fresh as its inspiration.”


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