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Orta Blufrequency SS`17 Story

Orta Blufrequency TM

Orta, the Turkish denim mill, brings out an innovative denim collection – ORTA BLUFREQUENCY – for the SS’17 season. The collection comprises some high tech fabrics aimed to appeal to the technology driven generation. The company aims the collection to be a sustainable, technology driven product and targets it for smart city residents of tomorrow.

In Orta’s own words

ORTA’s immersive technology, ORTABLUFREQUENCY aims to sense our skin’s frequency and responds in harmony. It is embedded in the denim fibers that support our body. These fibers “feel” what is happening around us, detecting any movement in our physiology. In other words, movement is translated by ORTA’s adaptİve stretch patterns, enacted by human body. Our body’s frequency describes the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the surface of our skin. ORTABLUFREQUENCY ultimately adapts to our movement and allows the smart fibers to resonate with our skin’s frequency. Frequency changes everything. ORTABLUFREQUENCY responds to our behaviour. It impacts the way we feel and the way we move every day. With it, we feel taller, slimmer and more alive. ORTABLUFREQUENCY resonates with the collective and senses the frequency. It is the ultimate feeling of the sound of blue. ORTABLUFREQUENCY denim is a catalyst, an energetic exchange that responds to our movement and surroundings.”


A unique concept designed by ORTA with Emana® technology, Symbiosis is built with yarn made of polyamide with bioactive crystals, absorbing heat and transforming it into long infrared rays. The rays interact with the body, stimulating the skin. The effect,as per ORTA, helps in feeling taller, slimmer and more alive.Bio-Kinetic Denim absorbs body heat and returns it in the form of far infrared rays to improve the appearance of the skin.ORTA claims that  Bio-Kinetic Denim delivers a constant bioactivity, taking care of  the body even when you’re not!  Bio-Kinetic Denim is constructed with Emana® Black, the dark and stylish edition of Emana®, a polyamide 6.6-based smart yarn with incorporated bioactive minerals. By absorbing body heat, these minerals emanates far infrared rays back to the skin improving its firmness and reducing its imperfections.

Bio-Kinetic Denim allows for improving blood microcirculation in the skin as per the company and helps in ;

  • increasing elasticity, tonicity and softness of the skin;
  • reducing cutaneous imperfections and orange peel skin;

In order to achieve the aesthetic results, it is recommended to wear Bio-Kinetic Denim with Emana® Black for at least 30 consecutive days, 6 hours daily.




Amplify features a multi-directional “Cognitive Stretch” built with ORTA’s new smart fibers. The perfect denim to push past limitations with high authenticity and recovery coupled with a zero-gravity feeling. The fabrics are designed to be high stretch and high recovery.



Octave defines denim equilibrium from heat to sleet. and  can be broken down into three distinct summer flavors:
Black Ice™– reflects the power of the sun, utilizing a permanent UV protection factor over 30.
White Light™ – acts as an external guard against liquids
Cool Air™ – keeps the wearer dry on the inside with moisture wicking qualities.



Reverb brings together vintage authenticity and looks with modern functionality. Featuring that cloudy salt and pepper aesthetic of a well worn pair without the stiffness of outdated denims, with Cognitive Stretch™



Synthesis soothes the skin when the heat blankets our bodies, providing temperature control for the summer months. Utilizing a combination of lightweight elasticity and alchemic fabrication, ORTA says that  the denim hugs the body with a gentle touch, making fun in the sun last all day long.



A cure-all for the consumer who wants everything and won’t settle for less. Luxuriously light and comfortable, Vapor offers a kind of freedom to go with the wind, permeating even the most inaccessible reaches of our world with ease.


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