Japanese denim specialities explained by a denim expert-video

Gordon Heffner is the owner of the Denim shop Blue in Green in New York. This shop is one of the best shops in the world for buying Japanese denims.
In an interview to Tokyo Eye, Gordon tells about some specialities of the jeans from Japan and takes us through a tour of Tokyo denim market.
Some highlights of the video:

  1. Have a look at Green tea dyed, Persimmon dyed or even MUD dyed jeans . Sugarcane denim made from 50% sugarcane extract is also interesting.
  2. Distressing of jeans: Can you age your jeans without destroying the fabric a little ? The normal techniques used for ageing the jeans are with sandblasting or sandpaper scrubbing. However, there are some solutions available which can age the jeans without affecting the fabric.
  3. Vintage Jeans: Can anyone spend upto 3 years to recreate a vintage a tattered 150 years old jeans? Some denim maniacs in Japan do

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