Ten ways to create a unique ‘Persona’ for your jeans..

Want your jeans to reflect your unique personality ? For those denim maniacs who want their jeans to look their second persona, check out these tips from Fashion Idie

  1. Avoid washing your jeans – jeans should not be washed too much- it washes away the unique patterns that are being developed on the jeans.
  2. Don’t be scared to get dirty
  3. Sleep in your jeans! – Though not very comfortable , it will  result in forming stronger creases on the jeans.
  4. Sweat is  good– let the sweat loosen the fabric of your jeans.
  5. Basic dark colored and unwashed jeans – It would be better if you take darker indigo denim with little or no wash so that there is a plenty of room for denim effects to take place.
  6. Let defects happen naturally – don’t create cuts or defects yourself. Let them happen as you wear the jeans..Trekking, playing football etc might be  good ideas to expedite the defects on your jeans.
  7. Wear them in the shower– or even swim in them .. Lets jeans resize more to your shape.
  8. Dry them in shade and turned inside out – prevents undue color loss.
  9. Wear them as often as possible-The more you wear, the faster the effects get ingrained onto your jeans.
  10. And if you still don’t get the desired results in a year (yes, it takes that much time), just distress them!

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