Search For Your Favourite Pair Of Denim Jeans

What is your favourite pair of jeans? And how do you find it online?

Is it from well known denim brands established for a long time eg ‘Levi’s, WranglerLee etc . Or do you fancy the famous premium denim brands like ‘7 For All Mankind’ , ‘ J Brand ‘ ,  ‘ True Religion’ etc ?  Some of us  are great  fans of  Japanese denim brands like ‘ Samurai’ , ‘Sugarcane’ , ‘Evisu’ ..  And there are denim brands like ‘ Iron Heart’   from Japan or ‘ Nudie’ from Sweden which have their strong fan following .
How do you search for the obscure and the not so obscure denim brands or for that unique pair of jeans that your friend has recommended to you after visiting the Far East ? There are definitely many sites offering jeans online from various denim brands . But it is difficult to find most of the known denim brands from any single site.
But there is always  Google (the Daddy) to help .. But searching on Google also is not so  easy and most of the time one ends up on pages which do not have any relation to the jeans that you want to search and buy.  One has to sift through a number of pages before coming to the right result pages – espeically in case of smaller – boutique brands.

So , we decided to take a humble attempt at helping in the process of searching for the right pair of jeans for our readers.
We have created  a separate search page ‘ Search and Buy Denim Jeans’ where one can search for different brands/styles of denim jeans . Just visit this page and you can search for almost any kind of denim jeans .  Try searching for ‘ PRPS’ denim or ‘ Iron Heart’ denim ….

 search denim jeans This search function would be continously upbdated so that the latest and even more obscure brands could be detected from the deepest of web and brought out .
It would be nice to have some feedback on this search function  so that we can improve it further…

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