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Here is an exhaustive list of Denim Fabric Mills (Denim Factories) from around the world – including India, US,China,Pakistan, Indonesia,South America etc – alongwith the links to their sites ..The list has been created countrywise so that it is easy to see which are the main denim mills in that country. The list includes a number of premium denim mills from around the world.


Denim Mills in Bangladesh

S.No Denim Mill Contact Email
1 Beximco Denim Ltd
2 Chittagong Denim Ltd
3 Envoy Textiles Email
4 Ha Meem Denims Ltd.
5 Jamuna Denims Ltd
6 Nassa Taipei Denims Ltd
7 Partex Denim
8 Pacific Denims Ltd.
9 Shasha Denim
10 Salek Textile Ltd
11 Square Denims Ltd Email


Denim Mills in China

S.No Denim Mill
1 Advance Denim Co.,Ltd
2 Bafang Weaving
4 Blue Diamond
5 Chinajinsuo Textile Co.Ltd
6 Black Peony Co. Ltd
7 Prosperity Textiles
8 Lanyan
9 Weiqiao  Textiles
10 Cone Denim

Denim Mills In Hongkong

S.No Denim Mill
1 Central Fabrics
2 Moufung Denim
3 New Sol Rising Textiles Ltd.
4 Quicken Textiles Ltd.
5 United Dragon
6 Ye Tai Weaving Factory Ltd.

Denim Mills in India

S.No Denim Mill
1 Aarvee Denim
2 Arvind Mills
3 Ashima Denim
4 Bhaskar Denim
5 Blue Blends
6 Century Denim
7 Ginni International
8 KG Denim
9 LNJ Denim
10 Mafatlal Denim
11 Malwa Industries
12 Modern Denim Limited
13 Nahar Fabrics
14 Nandan Denim
15 Rainbow Denim
16 Raymond Denim
17 Soma Textiles
18 Shri Lakshmi
19 Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills
20 Vinod Denim

Denim Mills In Other Far East Countries

S.No Denim Mill 
1 Nien Hsing (Taiwan)
2 Atlantic Mills(Thailand)
3 Absolute Denim

Denim Mills in Italy

S.No Denim Mill
1 Aqua Fabrics
1 Berto E.G. Industria Tessile
2 CDI Parras Denim
3 Denim Area Industrie S.p.A  — Email
4 Gentex
5 Ital Denim
6 ITV Denim
7 TRC Denim



Denim Mills in Indonesia

S.No Denim Mill
1 PT Apac
2 PT Tyfountex

Denim Mills in Japan

S.No Denim Mill
1 Japan Blue Group
2 Kaihara denim
3 Kurabo  Email
4 Kuroki
5 Nisshinbo

Denim Mills in Pakistan

S.No Denim Mill
1 ADM Denim
2 Al Ameen
3 Artistic Fabric Mills
4 Classic Denim Mills
5 Crescent Bahuman
6 Denim International
7 Hantex Denim Email
7 Kassim Denim
8 Rajby Textiles
9 S.M Denim
10 Siddique Sons
11 Soorty Denim
12 US Denim Mills
13 X-Pertex Denim Mills

Denim Mills in South America (Brazil, Argentina etc)

S.No Denim Mill
1 Santista (Tavex Corporation)
1 Textil Canatiba
2 Vicunha     Email

Denim Mills in Spain

S.No Denim Mill
1 Saez Merino
2 RSP 51
3 Santanderina
4 Tavex
5 Tejidos Royos

Denim Mills in Turkey

S.No Denim Mill
1 Akmoda Tekstil
2 Birlin Mensucat
3 Bossa
4 Calik Holdings
5 Isko Denim
6 Kipas Holding
7 Matesa Tekstil
8 Ortaanadolu

Denim Mills In USA

S.No Denim Mill 
1 Mount Vernon


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