70 Innovative Products From Recycled Denim

Denim as a Fabric for apparel manufacturing has penetrated most of apparel categories, whether we speak of women wear, children wear, men’s wear and furnishing fabrics etc. Its versatility enables it to be used in multiple end uses. Though we are aware of many uses of denim, we will look below at about 70 different looks created from recycled jeans, shirts etc. These are all the more interesting because of their strong Eco credentials having been created with the recycling/upcycling of denim.

The presentation here gives all the 70 looks together, while we have also given some of the cool ones in the images below :


Recycled Denim Geometric dress

Designer Hyun Gun Jang tailors old jeans into gorgeous geometric dresses Who knew wide legs could be turned into something so couture?

 Recycled Denim carpet

Terry Dewal made this delightful rug out of shredded up old jeans. To give the carpet even more customized flava, he hit it with a few splashes of Clorox for a blotchy, stonewashed appearance.

 Recycled Denim handbag

Miranda Chance breathed new life into old denim jeans and leather coats by transforming them into this exquisite bag.

 Recycled Denim Charpai

This charpai, or Indian string cot is Siddharth Hirwani’s version of the commonly used piece of furniture. Instead of the traditional nylon, it uses recycled strips of denim. 3-inch strips are cut and stitched together to make a roll of flat strip, which is then used to weave the central portion of the charpai.

 Recycled Denim Bracelet

You might not think that denim, or any other cloth for that matter, would make the most ideal material to make a bracelet with.

 Recycled Denim Dog vest

This doggie vest is so cute that it’s almost unfair. Justina Blakeney crafted it from a pair of old jeans.

Recycled Denim Bean Bag

Carla Morai from Portugal makes one bean bag out of 10 pairs of castoff jeans. What a durable, comfy spot to curl up and read a book

Recycled Denim Beads

These beads were made from an upcycled pair of blue jeans.Whilst they are made of fabric, they have been rolled and glued in such a way as to give them strength and durability so are fit for any crafting need.

Recycled Denim Necklace

Necklace from recycled denim !

Recycled Denim Insulation


UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation offers a nontoxic alternative to fiberglass insulation. Spun, candy-floss-like, from 90 percent post-consumer denim fibers, UltraTouch is bereft of nasty substances like carcinogens, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds.

source : ecouterre.com, etsy.com

Recycled Denim Homemade items

 Recycled Denim Stools

Love these cool stools from old jeans!

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