Denim Washes From Edwin Jeans

Edwin is one of the most famous denim brands around the world. It has been instrumental in contributing to the development of denim in terms of washes, styling and fabric usage due to its own innovative orientation. Edwin is widely regarded as the originator of ‘Old Wash’ techniques which have become common place in the denim marke

Lets have a look at some of the common washes that Edwin does on its various styles of denim jeans.

Biker Wash


Biker Wash - Edwin Jeans

A heavily used wash, given a black / dirty finish.

Blitzer Wash

Blitzer Wash - Edwin Jeans

A subtle wash that gives the feeling of freshly broken in denim . Featuring 3 D whiskers , resin and some light damage. Available in 13.5oz.

Burner Wash

Buner Wash - Edwin Denim Jeans

This is another subtle wash, based on the real wear patterns  of a pair of jeans worn for 3 months with one wash. Available in 14 oz.

Drifter Wash

Drifter Wash -Edwin Denim Jeans

Drifter is a complex wash to execute 3D whiskers, application of resin, Knee deformation, scraping and more.  Mainly in 13.5 to 14oz.

Dry Wash

Dry Wash -Edwin Denim Jeans

This wash refers to a pair of ‘ freshly worn in jeans’ featuring subtle abrasions on the pocket entry and bottom edge , knee deformations and 3D whiskers . This wash uses less water in washing. Available mainly in 11 to 11.25 oz.

Fader Wash

Fader Wash -Edwin Denim Jeans

Based on the jeans from the 70s, this extremely light wash features a knee deformation, scraping on the front, and back pockets, and a marble effect . Available mainly in 10.3 oz.

Heavy Dark Used Wash

Heavy Dark Used Wash -Edwin Denim Jeans

Based on a workpant , this heavy wash features handbrushing and scraping on front pockets and beltloops. Applied mainly on weights of about 12oz.

O- Wash

O- Wash-Edwin Denim Jeans

This wash is made using minimum water consumption followed by the application of resin and mechanical resin .Finished in Italy and usually on 13oz  black denim.

Heavy O- Wash

Heavy O  Wash -Edwin Denim Jeans

A similar process as O- Wash but this time in  a more extreme way. Resin and heavy mechanical brushing is applied using the minimum water consumption possible . Finished in ITaly and mainly fabrics of 11.25 oz are used. Note the acute distortion of knees.

Lumber Light Wash

Lumber Light Wash -Edwin Denim Jeans

A used wash on a light stone base with subtle wear patterns and light scraping.  Dark blue denim in 12oz  is used.

Oiler Wash

Oiler  Wash -Edwin Denim Jeans

Natural looking wash offering a vintage feel. Based on oil field worker pants from the mid 70s with natural wear patterns with subtle abrasion. Available in 11.25oz .

Rusty Wash

Rusty Wash -Edwin Denim Jeans

Rusty wash is based on  a real work pattern , a heavy used / worn out wash with 3 D whiskers on front and back pockets , a double stone wash , tram lines and rusty effect fixed with spray . Uses 14.5oz denim and hand finished in Italy.

Tar Wash


Available in quartz blue denim , taking the colour back to a subtle grey/ blue with a mid used feel as though they have been used for about 2 years. Uses 11.25oz denim.

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