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M.i.h. , a London based premium denim label , recently  launched the Denim Girls Project, a personalization tool that’ll allow you to customize your favourite pairs of  jeans to your heart’s content.The era of ’70s are alive and well in fashion for many reasons. The era is and was popular for patches,colored tassels and hand stitched embroidery . M.I.H jeans is giving similar options including re-tailoring, hand-stitched embroidery, appliqué patches, colored tassels, and more bespoke services, like custom cuts even for vintage jeans you already own. The project has been launched on the eve of the brand’s 10-year anniversary.

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The Denim Girls Project is personal denim brought to life, inspired by the era when personalized denim – patched, embroidered, frayed – became a badge of creativity.Home customization was a staple of the hippy movement’s liberated style and M.I.H created a modern take on its iconic aesthetic. Whether you want to tailor your denim, request applique patches or even commission hand-stitched embroidery to decorate your clothing, the result is completely bespoke. At the heart of M.i.h is always the 70s, so the customization techniques they are offering through their online service will allow you to create the full funk and flash aesthetic.

“I was inspired to bring together our network of denim girls to collaborate on this exciting project where they can make their denim their own in a way that hasn’t been done before,” says Chloe Lonsdale, the brand’s founder and chief creative officer. “Our denim girls all bring a London sense of style and a love of vintage denim to their creations. I love the fact our customers can ultimately co-create their own product with us for a totally unique result. It feels playful, modern and collaborative.”

M.I.H | DenimsandjeansM.I.H | Denimsandjeans

Rope stitching and wrapped edges are created by hand in their London studio. Step hems and half collars are cut to order. If you want to go the whole way and do it yourself, their vintage-inspired patches come in packs that can be applied at home, or they apply them to your choice of denim. If you want more, they will apply the techniques to your  jeans. If there’s something specific you want that you can’t find through their personalization tool – just tell the guys ..

M.I.H | DenimsandjeansM.I.H | DenimsandjeansM.I.H | Denimsandjeans

Start customizing your denim at mih-jeans.com/denimgirlsproject

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