Stretch Denim Manufacturing may change with new Dow fibre

A new high-performance elastic fibre for use in denim fabrics and garments has been introduced by Dow Fiber Solutions.

This new fibre for denim – XLA – is said to be inherently resistant to high heat and harsh chemicals. As a result the Jeanswear manufacturers can become more adventurous in their use of various treatments and chemicals on the stretch denim. Till now, the stretch fibres from Dupont and others , have had a drawback that the Stretch Jeans could not be given the same treatments as the 100% Cotton jeans due to the fear of damanging the jeans. Now, if what Dow claims is correct, then the 100% Cotton Jeans and Stretch Jeans can be given similar treatments giving a great handle to the designers to improve upon their collections.

I hope to see the Jeans made with this fibre – which is Stonewashed,Scraped,Given Resin treatment at startegic places and is hand grinded at specific points(like pocket) and destructed at others — JUST TO SEE IF THE JEANS SURVIVES and HOW IT LOOKS AFTER THESE TREATMENTS.

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