Denim Fairs

Denim fairs are held in different countries of the world. On this page we are listing the denim fairs/shows in Europe (Germany, France, Italy , Spain etc.) , in USA and other countries of the world. that are important from the perspective of denim industry and are of great interest to the denim community. The denim exhibitions shall be listed in the descending order i.e. the last upcoming exhibition first. The title of the Denim fair will have a link to the fair website and the other details like place,dates etc. will be given. What is something new is that we shall be giving “Review Links” i.e. links to the reviews after these fairs have taken place. This will enable even those who could not visit these fairs to have a feel of the same. The links are given as 1,2 ,3 etc. – so just click on them and reach the review pages..

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