Raymonds fabrics to be marketed through Reliance Retail?

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Raymonds Denim Division seems to have concluded talks with Reliance Retail for selling its DENIM FABRICS through the Reliance Retail Stores. The first of these stores is expected to start in Ahmedabad shortly.
About 12-15 years ago, denim in India used to be mainly bought by buyers in the form of fabric and was stitched by the local tailors and then put on by the users . The garment could not get the Industrial Washing treatment, and the effect was primarily generated by ‘SOAPS AND SUN’.

I am not really sure whether Raymonds is planning to revive the concept of selling denim in the form of fabrics again.. If yes, then it remains to be seen how the users -primarily the young generation- takes it as they are getting used to a variety of washing, embroidery, embellishment and other effects on their denims.

Personally , I think, it may not be too much useful if there is no additional tools for creating effects on the denim are given to the users as plain denim is hardly worn these days..

Update : Reliance Retail does not seem to have been growing so well. It would do Raymonds some good , if they selected some other retail partner

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