Celebrities in Double Denim |2013

Double denim –or the Canadian Tuxedo -  has been a trend widely followed in the 90s. It has been a strick no-no for about 2 decades now. However, for the last more than a year, new life has been breathed into the trend with a number of celebrities endorsing it in different ways. Double denim – both the trouser and top being denim- is not an easy look to carry off and one has to be very careful to match the right wash, color and look of each garment . If one gets it wrong, one can end up as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears – they managed to look horrible in their quadruple denim in a 2001 picture !!

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in double denim

Lets look at some of the celebrities in double denim recently seen in double denim and its your vote whether this trend will last !

Katie Holmes

A bit casual, but both the jeans and the shirt are almost similar washed indigo. Katie can still it off ..

Katie Holmes in Double denim

Gwen Stefani 

Not the best combination of double denim by Gwen,  but still goes !
Gwen Stefani in Double Denim

Image credit: Daily Mail

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo wears a black skinny jeans and a leather jacket with denim sleeves. This combination seems much more decent with dimished ‘blue’ aspect.

 Jason Derulo in Double Denim

Image credit: Denimblog

Kristen Stewart

Nice combination of ice washed  white denim jacket with dark (coated) denims.

Kristen Stewart  in Double Denim

Image credit: Popsugar


A crazy looking double waistband jeans or is it two pairs of differntly washed jeans! . In either case , a look that can be best avoided..

 Rihanna in Double Denim

Image credit: Theebf.com

Rihanna in Double Denim

Image credit: Daily Mail 

Rihanna in Double Denim

Another look from Rihanna with ice washed top and heavy bleached distressed skirt.

Miranda Kerr

This is one look from Miranda Kerr showing off her distressed jeans with dark denim shirt  and cool velvet slippers. Cool combo! 
 Miranda Kerr in Double Denim

Image credit: Instyle

Tasha Ross

A very cool (rather hot!) combo of acid washed sleeveless jacket and colored hot shorts  from the model Tasha Ross.

Tasha Ross in Double Denim

Image credit: lesimplyclassy

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson softens the denim on denim look with a black coat and  accenting the look with a pair of leopard loafers. Not bad !

Elle Macpherson in Double Denim

As we see above, double denim does not always work even if worn by celebrities. One has to be careful about the selection of denim color, wash, finish etc to bring that essential combination that does not look ‘ Too Loaded With Denim’. Normally one of the two garments has to be light and other be dark. One could also play with different levels of distressing to break that monotony of blue if using similar colors of indigo.

Topman from UK has some useful suggestions to make double denim work :

a)Combine black jeans with blue jacket.

b)Blue acid washed jeans with a darker jacket.

c)Add dip dye denim to combine with normal blue or black denim.

Double denim is certainly a good idea from the suppliers’ perspective ..More the denim, more the fun , as it goes !

However, what’s your take on this trend ??

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