Denim By PV Trends For Spring/Summer ‘13

We have been late in bringing the report of trends from Denim by PV for the Spring/Summer 2013. However, its better to be late than never!

Here is a report from Stylesight – the leading trend agency worldwide – on the trends from Denim By PV held in Dec’11.

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  1. Soft touch remains a key focus for many mills Cellulose TENCEL® and Modal fibers become essential Soft-focus looks for peached surfaces and dense, tactile hands.
  2. Growing each season, eco-friendly technology remains key for S/S 13
    Recycled yarns become more widely used and aesthetically pleasing
    Low-impact technologies, fibers and processes remain priorities for mills.
  3. Finishes and treatments evolve shine for S/S 13 Pearlescent and iridescent looks move on from traditional resin shine. Two-tone and shot silk looks create fashion-forward denim surfaces.

1.Engineered Herringbone

Herringbone evolves for S/S 13 with new 3-D weaves. Graphic and pronounced herringbones create cord-like surfaces / Deep ridged textures offer tactile touch / New take on the engineered stripe trend / Workwear and tailoring references / Double weaves and double-faced fabrics.

Engineered Herringbone Orta Anadolu Tejidos Royo Denim

Engineered Herringbone Isko Kuoki Denim

2.Dobby Weaves

A trend that emerged at last winter!s show, dobby weaves had a stronger presence this season. Small, intricate designs created using dobby attachments on looms / Allover geometric designs / Raised, extra
yarn weaves create 3-D looks / Honeycomb and waffle appearances / Broken twill variations / Strong white weft presence on fabric faces.

Dobby Weaves UCO sportswear Denim

Dobby Weaves Isko Tavex Denim

3.Duck Canvas

A trend that emerged two seasons ago at niche mills, duck canvas offerings grow to meet demand.Clean and durable canvas constructions, reminiscent of workwear fabrics / Neutral shades of ecru and mustard /Indigo overdyes and yarn dyes / Premium selvedge canvas as chino alternative / Popular visual texture with rugged associations.

Duck Canvas Cone Denim Isko Denim

4.Salt+Pepper wefts

Tweedy textures emerged two seasons ago and continue their importance for S/S 13.Switching focus to weft yarns, creates a more subtle, wearable fabric / Weft textures add visual interest to denim faces after wash-down / Twisted yarn alternative with a more menswear and heritage feel / Cozy denim look for summerweight denims.

Salt+Pepper wefts Isko Calik Denim


5.Marled Grey

Mélanges create a summery textured yarn for S/S 13.Neppy, textured and flecked greys / Jersey denim looks / Inspired by retro marls and activewear / Cone Denim!s recycled yarns / Twisted yarns and slubby surfaces / Menswear-centric story.

Marled Grey Central fabrics cone denim

Marled Grey Uco Sportswear Cone denim

6.Knit Indigo

Jersey-look indigo or indigo-look knits emerge for S/S 13.Knit indigo is making big waves in denim / Focus on comfort denim with soft and stretch capabilities / Indigo knits at Isko led to Diesel!s “Jogg Jeans” range / Bossa, Calik and Montebello are all experimenting / Ultra-high stretch / Improved recovery and super-soft hands / Activedenim hybrid fabrics for casualwear.

Knit Indigo I.T.V Industria tessi del vomano Isko Denim

Knit Indigo I.T.V Industria tessi del vomano Montebello denim

7.Tencel Stretch

Stretch continues to be a key denim initiative with new TENCEL® blends for S/S 13. Super stretchy blends merge the fluidity and softness of cellulose / Orta Slow Fit TENCEL® and cupro blends have memory stretch / Huge range of TENCEL® stretch fabrics by Italdenim includes colored denims / Surfacesare glossy, super-soft and malleable / Second skin feeling.

Tencel Stretch italdenim spa artistic fabric mills denim

8.Soft Focus

Focusing on hand, mills look to finish, weave and fiber advancements for increased tactility.Brushed cottons have peached surfaces / Sateen weaves remain important / Tightly constructed, dense stretch weaves/Soft moleskin looks and fluffy appearances.

Soft Focus absolute denim calik denim



Clean, compact fabrics have smooth and refined denim finishes.Premium looks with clean and compact surfaces / Durable, dry and dense weaves / Deadstock raws and clean constructions / Dry and flat finishes give denim smooth shine.

Dense+Compact orta anadolu arvind limited denim

10.cellulose updates

Cellulose alternatives to traditional cotton are flooding the denim market.
New innovations continue to drive these denims forward / Lyocell expert Royo offers colored, laundered and treated blends for S/S 13/ Cone explores unexpectedly authentic yet super-soft blends, proving denim does not have to be lightweight and fluid / Black TENCEL® denims emerge.

cellulose updates prosperity textile cone denim

11.Vintage Drape

Open construction and drape offer comfortable hands and summery, vintage attitude. Lightweights reemerge for summer / Focus on open, fluid and unstable weaves / Crosshatch lightweights remain an important texture story from S/S 12 / Comfortably worn-in fabrics create an “old favorite” jean feeling / Bias cuts enhance drape.

Vintage Drape orta anadolu cone denim

12.Recycled Yarns

Working toward a sustainable future, mills highlight recycled denims.
Reused denim scrap waste from fabric and garment manufacturing stages / Cone Denim!s EarthSPUN wefts made from recycled green, brown and blue plastic bottles / Eco-premium recycled selvedge denim from Nihonmenpu / Paper wefts at Calik Denim / Unique indigo shades and neppy constructions / Textured fill yarn qualities.

Recycled Yarns tejidos royo calik denim cone denim


A key S/S 13 development, mills look to linen to update traditional all cotton denim.Air-dried and creased looks have casual summer attitude / Linen wefts bring cooling properties / Glossy yet relaxed surfaces / Neppy and slubby yarns / Used on 7 to 12oz. denims.

Linen/cotton calik denim I.t.v-industria tessi del vomano denim

14.Slub chambray

Chambray looks rustic with slubby and neppy textures.Vertical and horizontal slub yarns / Rustic updates for plain weaves / Exaggerated crosshatches are key / Skyblue indigo shades / Vintage loom defects nod to the Dust Bowl era.

Slub chambray orta anadolu cappio tessuti denim

Slub chambray nihonmenpu textile inc. isko crenel denim

15.Summer greens

Last season!s green-cast denims become laundered and muted for S/S 13.
More obvious, cleaner greens take over from tinted green indigos of last season / Chambrays and textured,neppy denims / Rustic weaves and vintage laundries / Pale pastel looks and recycled wefts at Cone Denim /
Unisex denim story mixes vintage with fashion.

Summer greens artistic fabric mills ota anadolu kuroki denim

16.Pastel wash

Pale shades are two-tone, diffused and laundered.Soft palette of baby blue, mint green, peach and pink / Whitened colors and coated pales / Pastel shades bleed through at seams / Colored wefts with white warps / Breakages and surface distressing create interest.

Pastel wash cone denim calik denim avrind limited


For S/S 13, resin finishes become pastel and pearlescent.New stretch coatings offer summer alternatives to leather / Super shiny / Glitter particles / Color ranges from pastels to girly brights / Pearlescent resin finishes suit Juniors and Tweens.

Pearlescent isko tejidos royo


Distinctly purple-cast, two-tone denims emerge for S/S 13.Two-tone indigo replicates shot silk / Colored wefts with indigo warps / Iridescent yarns and glossy TENCEL® /Focus on glossy surface sheen.

Luminescence prosperity textile kuroki denim

Luminescence R.s.p.SI tavex denim

19.Lurex shine

The shiny denim trend strengthens with metallic yarns, wefts and treatments expanding offerings.Liquid gold and silver effects add dazzling glamour to denim / Iridescent metallic lightweights at Kuroki / Metallic
coatings become malleable, lighter weight and fluid for summer / High stretch constructions.

Lurex shine kuroki global denim tekstil denim


20.Plastic people

Clear resins give new plastic shine to black and indigo fabrics.Polished looks achieved with new resin layers / Flattened constructions create a starched and pressed effect /Shine creates sculptural and molded relief to denim / Clean, classic denims transform with sophisticated finishes.

Plastic people itadenim spa isko tavex denim

21.Color explosion

Attendees could not ignore the vast color ranges for S/S 13.Color stories show no sign of abating for S/S 13 / Colored wefts in significantly brighter shades / Saturated brights and gemstone palettes / Quirky contrast red, purple and green wefts against blue.

Color explosion vicunha texti tejidos royo uco sportswear denim

Color d : Colored Premium Denim Fabrics For Spring – Summer 2013  yarn dyed color denim fabrics

22.Awning stripes

Railroad stripes inspire a new breed of indigo pattern for S/S 13.Thick woven awning or prison stripes / Horizontal looks / Mattress ticking and vintage tea towel looks / Doubleweave denims with striped wefts / New jacquard plaids at Nihonmenpu / New proportions and scales move the story forward / Screen-printed and discharge stripes / Ecru and indigo color palette.

Awning strips i.t.v - industria tessi del vomano avrind limited denim


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