Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends

“It’s a denim reboot!” Thomas Dislich, Director for Europe and Asia, succinctly sums up Spring/Summer 2015! “The blue gold is back on top as the protagonist in all collections. Denim is once again a fashion dynamo, and will significantly impact the shape of the market.” “Real denim” with cross-effects and irregular thread structures will play an important role. Discreet lines will more likely be in the background, while vintage is unmistakably at the fore!

VICUNHA is known worldwide for  collections andvicunha production volumes –over 100 different items per season and about 14 million meters produced per month – and even better known for its pioneering role in South America. The denim powerhouse meets the highest international standards in terms of environmental protection, social responsibility, recycling and the sustainable, clean production of cotton. For years, VICUNHA has worked exclusively with cotton farms in Brazil and the USA whose business and employee policies meet the approved standards. In addition, the company is one of MARKS & SPENCER’s “Plan A” partners.July 2013, BCI’s South American debut took place in the VICUNHA showroom n São Paulo.


DENM REBOOT is VICUNHA’s general seasonal theme for Spring/Summer 2015.It’s also the name of this group of highlights, which includes some of  the most fashionable items. Here are some select denim fabrics from Vicunha for SS’15 from the ‘Denim Reboot’…. Gradient The Gradient line is striking thanks to its distinctive cross hedging and very lightweight 10-oz weight. It’s ideal for vintage effects in inner linings, as well as for distressed jeans and the used look. Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Gradient Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Gradient Blaine Blaine is eyecatching with its 11.5-oz weight, conspicuous cross structures and stronger ring slubs in a beautiful indigo. American vintage with iconic James Dean allure! Also perfect for dark dyeing! Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Blaine Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Blaine     Jordan This cool, unusual green-cast vintage look in an authentic 12-oz weight counts on relaxed texture and open weave cross hedging. Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Jordan


Tango is oriented towards Japanese denim, in 12-oz and a summery dark blue. Strong irregular threads with ring effects and heritage-inspired slubs catch the eye. Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Tango

Sendai II

This is the resurrection of a VICUNHA classic, one of the big favorites from 10 years ago. The 11-oz heritage line is experiencing a brilliant comeback through the use of new technologies, and gives commercial trends just the right twist. Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Sendai


Comfortable stretch for men and women is essential. Especially this robust 12-oz line with strong textures in special dark blue indigo. Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Kiroshi CORE LINES The 100% cotton CORE LINES are strong all-round items made for function, with dense textures, and – depending on the wash – a more unobtrusive look. A quieter alternative or the ideal complement to the DENIM REBOOT trend highlights. Jackson The 12.75-oz Jackson features close-ups and fine interpretations with fashionable cross hedging. Its wearing comfort makes it an excellent choice for comfortable yet fashionable styles geared towards middle-aged customers. Marvin The 11.5-oz Martin is great for authentic, robust, non-elastic boyfriend jeans, equally beloved by fashionable girls and stylish male teenagers. Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/marvin/jackson/summit ridge Ridge With a weight of 11.8-oz, this all-round item is suitable for all washes and product lines.Ridge is especially beloved and purchased in large amounts by the major international verticals. Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Ridge CORE STRETCH/MOOVE Super stretch and power stretch are still essential components. In women’s denim,body-hugging sexiness without tightness is essential for both boutique and mainstream businesses! VICUNHA claims to have developed high degrees of silkiness through satin weaves and the use of fluid twisted threads. Andaluz In a light 8.4-oz weight, specially combed and twisted threads yarns charm with a fine, silky feel. Polyester blends make for excellent recovery, in order to ensure perfect fit over the long term. Caprice This 9.8-oz light cotton satin luxuriates in poetic shades of silky soft blue denim in summer colors. Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/Caprice

Some more  Looks from Vicunha denim collection

Vicunha_SS15_trendmoods_4_13Vicunha SS’ 15 Denim Trends/ready to dye Vicunha_SS15_trendmoods_3_2 Vicunha_SS15_trendmoods_2_2 Vicunha_SS15_trendmoods_1_4

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