Denim Production And Consumption In Italy

italy denim consumptionWhen one speaks of denim fashion in EU , the first nation that comes to mind is Italy. Italy has been the harbinger of denim developments with a number of important mills like TRC  and denim brands like Diesel  having originated from here.

But what is the consumption of denim jeans in Italy ?  How many jeans are produced in Italy? How many of these are men’s and how many are women’s jeans ? What are the exports and imports of the same ? Is the production of jeans going down ? Does men’s jeans sell more than women’s ? What is the net consumption of jeans? Is this consumption stable or is it changing?  What is the per capita consumption of jeans in Italy ?

We will look at these  and more figures in this data report for the years 2009 – 2011.  Rest of the report is visible to our paid subscribers. In case you wish to contact us for more info at , send email at . To see all protected reports titles,visit this page

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