Oldest Pair Of Jeans – Want To Have A Look ?

Update: As pointed out by Adriana of Deniminstitute  in comments , the oldest pair of jeans is actually from the 1880s and Levi’s bought it at USD 46,532/– . Thanks Adriana
Just came across this interesting video on youtube regarding the oldest jeans available – a jeans belonging to the year 1890. Levi’s wanted to reclaim their jeans and bought it in 1997 at USD 25000/- . I am sure it would worth much more now..

So, the lesson is – don’t throw away your old jeans !

PS: Its interesting to note how the innovation of a  small rivet made a huge difference to the selling of jeans and made millions for the owners of Levi’s.

  1. Hi Sandeep,

    thanks for the nice video… It is a bit outdated–in 2001 Ms Lynn Downey (Levi’s historian) won an eBay bid for the oldest pair dating about 1880s -aka Nevada (after the state they were dug from) …they were miner’s buckle back waist overalls…The bid was $46 532! the same jeans were meticulously replicated by Bart Sights of Sights Denim Systems…limited run sold for 400$ a pair.

    also if you wish to have more info- the $25 000 jeans came out of vintage New York store called What Comes Around Goes Around…

    hope the info helps,

  2. Many thanks for the correction Adirana. I have just updated the post with your information.

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