Import Of Jeans From China To EU Falls By 21% In 2019

China, the biggest exporter of apparel in the world has been going downhill when it comes to apparel exports – hit by various factors. Specially business with US has been affected due to the Trump effect. However, what is disturbing for the country is that its exports to EU have seen a big fall of over 21% in 2019 and expected to fall further. Countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam are eating away the share of China. This trend is likely to continue with Bangladesh getting stronger and also Vietnam getting FTA with EU which will enable it to ship duty free to Europe – within few years – with effect coming immediately to certain extent.  China is also actually aware of this and hence its massive investments in textile and apparel sector in Vietnam.

Lets check out in the report below to understand the import of Jeans by EU from China till September 2019.  However, all data for 2019 has been extrapolated till December 2019 for easy comparison.  


Table and Graphs Showing The Import Of Jeans By Major EU Countries From China ( 2017-19) along with average price ( euro/pc)
Table and Graphs Showing The Import of Mens and Women Jeans By EU From China ( 2017-19) along with average price ( euro/pc)
Tables and Graphs Showing The Import of Mens and Women Jeans By Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France and UK along with average price ( euro/pc)

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