Jeans down – Trousers Up ?

Further to my previous post on the fall in imports of Men’s and Boys Jeans in US, there is further news coming about the fall in sales of Men’s Jeans. As per NPD (in New York times), the sale of men’s Jeans has fallen by 1% for the year ending in August 2007 – and this has happened first time after years of rising sales. And who has benefited from this fall in sales ?
It is the TROUSERS – which has shown an increase of 7% in sales. New York times says that Men are now getting more interested in Trousers – which can set them apart from being just another Jeans guy..
The Denims reign the fashion world like no other product can and it would be difficult to dethrone it. But there is a saturation level even for Denims and people may go for a break and flirt with other products. And this may cause chinks in the armour of Denim..

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