Rebound in US Men’s Jeans import in second quarter

As I mentioned in my previous report, there was a fall of about 10% in the first quarter for the total jeans imported into US. However, we now see a decent 7% improvement in the second quarter corresponding to the same quarter last year.. Here is a chart comparing the two years data by quarter..

Mens Jeans Imports into US 2007 & 2008 – Quarter wiseNew Page 1

Quarter 2007(million pcs) 2008(million pcs) Fall/Rise(%)
First 49.26 43.99 -10.69%
Second 68.56 73.60 +7.29%
Third 84.62
Fourth 71.44

The third and the fourth quarters are the main quarters when we see the volumes jumping. We will have a much better idea only at the end of the third quarter. But if my guess is correct , the imports in the third quarter may register a fall and the improvement that we see in the second quarter is temporary.

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