Top Denim Fabric Exporting Countries For Mexico During 2014-2017

With the reported GDP of USD 1.26 Trillion  , Mexico is the 15th Largest economy in the world and In Textile production, it has the fourth largest manufacturing activity in the country which includes the making of thread, cloth and decoration, in both natural and synthetic fibers. Around 415,000 workers directly employed in the sector out of which 74% worked for the apparel sector and remaining 26% worked for the textiles sector.The Textile Industry has not only become the major revenue and employment source but at the same time plays a significant role in the export sector.

Mexico is also a part of Important Trade Agreements as below  :

  1. NAFTA: Textile and apparel sector growth has been spurred on by NAFTA. It is by far the most important export market for Mexico sector. Mexico has been the key US supplier, ahead of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  2. MEXICO-EU FTA: FTA enables closer economic co-operation between Mexico and the EU. This will provide EU Companies preferential access to the major markets in North and South America through Mexico’s via extended FTA network.
  3. MAQUILA PROGRAM: Mexico initiated its maquila program to encourage the development of export manufacturing industries by waiving import duties on capital goods and material inputs used in the manufacture of products for export.

Denim has been an important part of the textile and apparel industry in Mexico  . In fact , Mexico was the largest exporter of jeans to US before China came in . Even now substantial jeans are exported to US. However, in this report, we check out the denim fabrics exported from Mexico to different countries around the world. The contents of this report are as below : Rest of the report is visible to our paid subscribers. In case you wish to contact us for more info at , send email at . To see all protected reports titles,visit this page

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