Denimsandjeans Virtual – Answering Some Questions

Denimsandjeans Virtual is a different kind of virtual show to be held for the denim industry on July 22-23 . So what makes this show different from any other virtual show ?
It is different because it has certain unique features which may not been seen before – that’s what we feel. And these include :

  • Virtual booths for exhibitors
  • Face 2 face private video talks between buyers and exhibitors
  • Exhibitors can showcase their products privately
  • A trend zone showing some cool trends from the exhibitors
  • Networking possibilities with all present at the show
  • Getting bored – check out some cool ——- ( to be disclosed ! )

Since its a new kind of concept , there are many questions which come to mind. We answer some of these in the FAQs below :

Is it a local show or a global one ?
Denimsandjeans Virtual (DV) is a global show covering multiple time zones. The show is currently planned for 10 hours each day .
Central Europe :  7.30 am to 5.30pm
India                   : 11 am to 9 pm
Turkey                : 8.30 am to 6.30pm
Pakistan             : 10.30 am to 8.30 pm
Bangladesh       : 11.30am to 9.30 pm
Vietnam             : 12.30 pm to 10.30 pm
HK/ China          : 1.30 pm to 11.30pm
Japan                  : 2.30pm to   12 midnight

Though in some time zones like Japan, it will be late , but our buyers from these zones will be able to spend at least good 5-6 hours in the show. Same for East Coast in US, Brazil, Mexico etc from where buyers can spend at least 4 hours easily at the show.

Who can join the show
Apart from the exhibitors, buyers from all over the world can join the show . However, since the entry is restricted to registered buyers only , it is important that the buyers get themselves registered on this page and get the unique link to join the show. 15th July will be the last date for buyers to register at the show.

As a buyer, how can I interact with exhibitors and other visitors ?
The buyers will be able to see a layout with all exhibitors. They can see the profile of the exhibitors and they can decide to have a meeting with any of them. The meeting between buyers and exhibitors will be private .

Can the exhibitors showcase his collection to the buyers
Yes , the exhibitors can showcase his latest collection to the buyers by various means . They can setup a nice display in their office which can be seen by the buyer and show them physically. Or they can share their screens and showcase their digital files. For the companies who are already on our De-Brands platform will find it very easy to share their categorised collection with their buyers by sharing their screens.

How does it work for technology and machinery companies
We believe its a great opportunity for the machinery and technology companies to show real operations of their new machines or technologies live to the buyers through the video talk.

What apart from exhibitor – buyer talks ?
Hmm. We do have a seminar area where we will bring some (not too many) talks by our speakers and guests. They will be intermittent and short but interesting. Speaking about latest trends, digitalization , retail etc.

Trend Zone – how does it work ?
We will bring some cool products under various categories by our exhibitors which will be displayed in the trend zone . So relax while you watch through the trends flowing through with some music as you have your cup of coffee ! And you can always mark the products / technologies you find interesting and immediately connect with suppliers of those.

But in a trade show we also want to network , meet our friends, peers and just have a chat !
Well, we did not forget the basic human need to network 🙂 . You shall be able to connect with anyone who is at the show , search them by names or companies , send them messages and get replies , ask how they are adapting in the the new normal , and ask them to join you for a coffee . How ??

Well, let’s leave some curtains to be opened on the day of the show !

We are expecting over 45 companies to join us at the show from countries like Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China , Japan etc . Some of the confirmed companies include JDS Garments– Japan , Deridesen – Turkey, AGI DENIM – Pakistan , LNJ – India ,Ribbontex – Italy , Artistic Fabric Mills – Pakistan , Indigo – Pakistan , Raymond – India , Elasten – Italy , Blu Connection – Singapore , Archroma , Kilim – Turkey , Officina+39 – Italy , Ramsons– India, Tonello – Italy , Yilmak Turkey , Nandan India , Atlas Textil Turkey, Garmon– USA and many more counting each day ..

So lets have a blast – network, enjoy , chat with industry friends from all over the world in real time ! And

also do some business ………


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