A Talk With Ms. Hang Phoi Quyen – CEO of Viet Hong

Recently , we had a talk with Ms. Hang Phoi Quyen -the CEO of denim mill Viet Hong Textile , Vietnam. With an experience of over 12 years in the family business, she is upbeat about her denim mill being a partner of choice for many international brands. As the company is a regular participant in Denimandjeans Vietnam show and will also join the March’23 show, we had a small chat with her and would like to reproduce the same below :

Viet Hong as a denim mill has been growing over the years. We would like to know more about the background and history of the company ?
Viet Hong Textile J.V.C is established in 2005 and owned by VIET HUONG Group, a family owned business group with 40 years of entrepreneurial experience. With passionate and open-minded management, along with our young and energetic staff, we were able to evolve ourselves out of traditional local mill. Nowadays, Viet Hong is known as a reliable denim textile manufacturer, not only in Vietnam but also in international market, current Investment amounting to U$12 million and with manpower of about 300 people.

Viet Hong is known to be “Your First Denim Choice in Vietnam”

How do you think being a Vietnamese denim mill benefits you as a company ?

The strongest point of Vietnam Mill as denim producing country to other neighbouring countries, is that we have 10 bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with groups and organization such as ASEAN Free Trade Nation, 5 ASEAN+1 FTA’s, FTA with Japan, South Korea, Chile, Russia and the EURASIA Economic Union and Countries which is expected to execute CPTPP and EVFTA + UKVFTA.

These FTAs will create many opportunities for Vietnamese companies in general and the Vietnamese garment industry in particular, but this also comes with many challenges, we need to master the rules of origin to fully exploit the benefits of FTAs and to promote export growth, reduce tariffs to 0% as well as eliminate many kinds of tariffs.

Global brands have a big focus on going green and are pushing their supply chain in this regard. What changes and developments have been done by your company to meet or exceed these demands?

VH Denim partners with companies to develop sustainable and functional products. Our partners and us,  are dedicated to responsible practice and innovative ways to improve fabric performance with new elements and latest technology. Our Company as well insure that all necessary compliance and certifications are in place.

What is the competition like for you from within Vietnam?

Competition in the market is always present in any industry, it makes the business more progressive and challenging. Us in Viet Hong we are not threatened by our competitors, as we provide customer with consistent quality, very good service on a timely manner and competitive pricing. We always make it a point to have an extra mile on hand, so no pressure felt from our competitors.

What future do you see of the Vietnamese denim industry – both for fabric and garments ?

The future for fabrics and garments in Vietnam is bright – we estimate market will last at least 10 more years. With influx of those companies/buyers pulling out of China, Vietnam will be a lucrative market in ASIA. All the outstanding Free Trade Agreement with other Nations will add the difference.

What is most interesting from your latest collection?

Product feature is our best selling and long running items, consistent quality and remarkable performance. We continuously work on improving the product versatility and design using the best yarns made of US Cotton and other special fibers like Tencel, Modal, Dual Fx, Coolmax, S-café etc. Besides, our green / sustainable product portfolio includes materials like Repreve, BCI Cotton, Organic cottons , Ecovero etc – enabling us to produce fabrics which are sought after by major brands and retailers.
For more information on Viet Hong products , please contact Romy ( romy.ordas@viethongtextile.com )

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