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When we started our Denimsandjeans Japan show , we came in touch with a very innovative company from Japan – HAP. This company is a research oriented company and is working with various universities and research centres in Japan to bring out applications for apparel including denim. These applications , over 30 , are wide and varied and give various functions to the apparel – improving its life, properties and value addition. As a result of this research, they recently received the Japanese PM technology award. A great friend of ours – Mr Moto Suzuki – is a regular participant in our Japan shows and we thought to do a Q&A with him on what this award is all about which he brings with his brand COVEROSS® .

Congratulations on winning the Prime Minister’s technology award. What was the product from COVEROSS® which brought this award?

Comprehensive COVEROSS® circular fashion based on COVEROSS® technology won the Prime Minister’s Award.The first generation “COVEROSS® Technology” can give fabrics more than 30 multi-functionalities by combining unique technologies such as photocatalysts (Self-cleaning, antibacterial, antivirus, deodorization, UV protection, heat shielding, cooling sensation, warming, water absorption and diffusion, anti-see-through, sweat stain reduction, anti-static, anti-pilling, parasympathetic nerve predominance, sympathetic nerve predominance, etc ).
Regardless of whether it is a natural fiber or a synthetic fiber, it maintains breathability and texture, and its wash resistance can be adjusted.

In addition, we have developed “COVEROSS® Laundry”, which can be developed in small lots and in a short time, and can provide comfortable multi-functionality with adjustable functionality concentration. “COVEROSS® Laundry” can significantly reduce water and energy consumption during the function imparting process. In addition, by developing a spray type product, we can optimally customize functionality to specific parts of clothing (for example, when it’s hot, it cools the neck, shoulders, and armpits, and warms the abdomen). 

You mentioned that over 30 multi functionalities can be given to new or second hand fabrics or garments. How does this really work as specially in case of second hand clothing it would be very difficult to do so.

At present, it is not possible to add functions to all garments, but it is possible to add various functions to many garments. After inspection, we first use special processing to make it ready to add functionality. We then add a variety of functionality using COVEROSS®’s optimal technology. In the future, if we can obtain product information (the entire supply chain) through blockchain and IC tagging of new products, we will be able to add high-spec functionality to more new and used clothing. COVEROSS®︎’s IC tag information has several stages. The first objective is to manage supply chain information such as the environmental impact and human rights risks of primary products. In the future, we will further consider ways to link products to lifestyles, such as product collection, automatic sorting, reuse, and optimal recycling information management, as well as user health information and collaboration with local governments.

Breathability in synthetic fiber’ – is this brought at the post garment stage or at the fiber stage ?

This is possible at both the fiber (fabric) stage and the garment stage. If a binder is used to add functionality, the garment or fabric will become stiff and have poor breathability. COVEROSS®’s unique technology allows you to adjust the breathability and texture even if you add functionality.

What is the ‘COVEROSS® Laundry’ . How does it work and who can implement it and how ?

First of all, we have started implementing it in Japan. As shown on our website, we have also started a B to C service to make used clothes last longer and upgrade them. We have also started services for apparel companies, local governments etc. With COVEROSS® Laundry, you can customize over 30 types of functionality to various garments. For example, multiple functions such as antibacterial, cooling, UV protection, heat shielding, cooling effect, quick drying, warming effect, etc. can be customized at the same time. Hap has already begun collaborating with Japan’s largest reuse company and major apparel companies to add functionality to reused products. Adding COVEROSS® functions has made it possible to extend the product life and increase its value.


You also plan to address issues related to ageing – like dementia- through your clothing. Is this something which has already been launched ?

COVEROSS® heat stroke prevention wear will start in 2024. COVEROSS® dementia prevention wear is currently undergoing demonstration testing and is scheduled to go on sale from 2025 to 2026 . Check out the video below to understand our applications better.

Japanese Version :

服についた醤油のシミが水洗いだけできれいに? (jstories.media)

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