Metod Makine : A Talk With Our Vietnam Team

Metod Makine has been dealing with the production of denim jeans dry process machines and equipments since 2002. . It creates solutions for the textile industry to reflect the final images of current fashion trends on products. We welcome them in our 6th edition of Denimsandjeans Vietnam show on June 26-27 and spoke with Ismail Cakal on what are the latest technologies that they are working on and bringing to the show.

Metod Makine has been providing denim processing machineries to the industry for over 20 years now. How has been your growth in these years? 

We as Metod Makine stepped into the sector in 2002 with an uninterrupted and quality service approach. We started to produce Spray Application Cabinets and supply some accessories in the first years. Over time, we added Curing Ovens, 3D Crinkle Effect Machines and Apparatus, and many other Dry Process Equipments to our product range. In 2006 we made our first export to Pakistan. Market share has gradually increased at both domestic and international markets over the years thanks to the quality of the machines that we produced and the after-sales service that we gave. In addition to the upgrading & improving the existing machines with the feedback that we received from end users, we also contributed some new equipments to the sector with our innovative vision. In 2019, Metod Makine became the 3rd company that produces its own Robot in the world by using its own capital.  We still continue to serve to our existing and new customers with Wet Process Machineries and Ozone Application Systems. So far we have successed to export our machines over 40 countries. We keep going on visiting new customers and participating in fairs in target markets in order to increase this number every year

How do you think the requirements of brands are changing and how are you adapting your machinery for the same. 

There is no doubt that, like everything else, fashion changes over time and new trends come out. This situation is directly reflected in our dressing style in daily life. Perhaps we can say that the changes in our daily lives force brands to make changes in this direction. For instance, in recent years we have experienced a pandemic that affected us all. With the remote working method that the pandemic process brought to our lives, the dress code has been eliminated and people have gotten used to dressing more comfortably. To give an example from the sector we serve, we see that especially young people prefer more comfortable dresses such as jogger & sweat pants, loose and wide-cut clothes instead of denim jeans. Inevitably, this change in dressing preferences lead brands to produce in this direction. As a textile machinery manufacturer, we follow the brands closely. In this regard, we constantly keep ourselves informed of developments by the feedback that we receive from our customers and by fair visits that shape the future of our industry.

Why do you think Vietnam is an important market and how do you see its growth over the next few years? 

If we evaluate in terms of textile sector, it is one of the important sources of income of the country, along with the agriculture, construction, mining and oil sectors. With its young and dynamic population, it has a very good production potential not only for local brands but also for international brands in terms of workforce. We think that the increase in production capacities, especially with the commercial agreements made with USA and EU, will increase the need for machinery, which are the main investment products. For this reason, Vietnam is an important country that we follow closely.

Investment in sustainability is definitely good but do you think that with brands not able to pay extra prices, manufacturers like yours can help the garment producers in some way to overcome their challenges. 

Unfortunately, some fragile economies, including Turkiye, were greatly affected by the economic difficulties experienced after the pandemic. As a sustainable machinery manufacturer, our production costs have inevitably increased due to increasing costs such as labor, energy, materials, logistics, etc. Despite the factors such as high costs and increasing competition, we are carrying out certain studies to ensure that our products reach more users. In addition to giving our customers the best possible price, we can also offer payment terms that vary depending on the total sales amount. For this purpose we benefit from the services of Turkish Eximbank to support our customers.

What are your expectations from Denimsandjeans Show in Vietnam

We see this 2-day of show as an opportunity to meet with participants from both Vietnam and nearby countries and to share latest trends, technologies and solutions.

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