Denimation -Bitchu Bingo Japanese Denim Project

Denim + Animation = Denimation , this new term has been coined recently to promote the Denim Business in Japan at The Bitchu Bingo Region which is also known as a locus of premium Japanese denim production. To promote this region as a center of Denim Production on a global level , the local government as well as the some business houses came together and launched –  Bitchu Bingo Japan Denim Project  under which an animated movie has been released titled – Bichu Bingo Japan Denim Story . This short movie uniquely presents the denim in the form of animation which is indeed a visual treat .The movie tells the history of denim in the Bitchu Bingo region and of the world-renowned Japanese denim.

This movie has series of beautiful frames and each frame has been beautifully crafted with the rich flavor of Japanese Denim . As you go further , this movie tells the story of the denims’ creation until it used around the world. In a frame which shows women with Bingo kasuri (Bitchu-jima), that design turns to rain and the story develops. Following the path of a blue bird, you see the creation of denim in the stages of spinning, dyeing, and weaving. One piece of denim is spun, then it goes international—the single piece of denim created in the Bitchu Bingo region is finally brought to the consumers through a runway.


Reportedly ten companies provided denim for the animation and five companies involved as a think tank to give ideas and suggestions. It took five months to complete the production of this animation . The illustrations of each scene were line drawn, then the denim material that was scanned into a computer was strenuous  added one sheet at a time. In particular, the denim weaving scene took over twenty-four hours of work for each second of the scene. The entire movie has been developed with a great dedication and minute detailing has been ensured before releasing this. All the characters have been well placed and the story which they wanted to convey , It seems they successfully convey it .



The Bitchu Bingo region, the production center for Japanese denim, has thrived since long ago through its indigo-dyeing production and thick fabric production. Because of this, the denim culture has strong roots in the region. Local government and companies worked together in this project so that people in Japan and abroad can learn more about the history, story, regional characteristics, finely tuned technology, and minute craftsmanship of Bitchu Bingo denim.


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