From Denim To Strawberries !!

Nisshinbo Denim Textile

What is the relation between Denim and Strawberries ?
Well if Strawberries are grown on the ex-denim plant, then a relation develops !!!

Nisshinbo Holdings Inc. of Japan  has started growing strawberries in large volume at its idled denim plant in Tokushima, western Japan . The facility is the first in Japan to grow strawberries on a large scale using only artificial light as the light source, according to the company. The denim plant was shut down in 2009. Nisshinbo is shifting its textile production business to such countries as Indonesia and China , and the strawberry growing is part of the company’s efforts to make effective use of idled facilities. Nisshinbo spent some 100 million yen to convert the denim plant into a facility that can grow about 70,000 strawberry plants .

Nisshinbo has in fact moved most of its textile manufacturing divisions overseas . It would be interesting to see how Japanese groups are spreading out their operations in various markets to achieve economies in costs and operations. Mentioned below are the overseas units of Nisshinbo around the world ..

Pt Malakasari Nisshinbo Denim Industry  (Indonesia) : Nisshinbo established this rope dyed unit in 2010 with a capital of $6.5 million. The unit is vertically integrated from yarn manufacturing to processing and uses some of the older machineries from Japan.

Pt. Nisshinbo Indonesia – Again around 2010 , Nisshinbo invested in this plant for manufacutring of shirt fabric and the total capacity of this plant is about 24 million yards p.a

Pt. Nagai Shirts – Again in Indonesia , this unit manufactures about 1.6 million shirts p.a out of which about half are APOLLOCOT or non-iron shirts.
Nisshinbo Textile  Changzhou Co.  Ltd (China) : Another company to manufacture shirt fabrics in China with a capacity of 6 million mtrs.

Vardhman Nisshinbo Garments Co. Ltd (India)  – This company ,a joint venture with Vardhman group of India is going to make about 2 million shirts .

Nisshinbo Do Brazil Industrial Textile LDA (Brazil) – This is a yarn manufacturing unit of Nisshinbo  in Brazil   to manufacture yarns.

Like many other manufacturers in Japan, Nisshinbo has slowly shifted its textile production facilities overseas to be able to overcome the increased costs of manufacturing in Japan and to still retain its Japanese name to be able to get the desired premium in the market.  Nisshinbo seems , for some reasons , to favour Indonesia as a destination of its overseas expansion. However, there are still denim mills like Kaihara, Kuroki etc, which still prefer to stay in Japan and sell the fabric  ‘ Made in Japan’.

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