PRPS Japan – Spring 2016 Denim Key Looks

Donwan Harrell, the founder of PRPS , is the first American designer to bring Japanese denim jeans to the United States. Established in 2002, Donwan was instrumental in  creating the rise of the Japanese luxury denim jeans business in America.

He doesn’t simply just make washed & selvedge jeans, Donwan constantly researches, selects premium denim and uses revolutionary washes that has changed the face of men’s fashion & celebrity fashion as we know it. PRPS has collections that are shaping the men’s fashion industry. Every characteristic of every garment produced by PRPS is representative of Donwan’s penchant for meticulousness. No detail, no matter how minute, goes overlooked; creating the best jeans to date.

His Denim can be considered as a mix of being a  “Distressed, de-constructed, patched, repaired, painted on, sewn and glued together jeans “.

The prices of his jeans was never cheap and starts from around $350 and go upto $1000 a piece !
His latest collection of jeans displays intricate washing techniques , huge amount of patchwork in many pieces, overdyed jeans, exceptionally washed twills with denim effect. Also included are intricately washed denim shirts at $350 euphemistically named – “Peasant Shirts!”

PRPS - Selvedge Cockatoo PRPS Selvedge Baboon - $1000

PRPS - Barracuda - $325 PRPS Barracuda Jackal - Twill Overdyed $350 PRPS- Peasant Shirt -$350

PRPS Selvedge Sirius -$825 PRPS- Turaco - $350



PRPS Japan : Spring 2016 Denim Key Looks :

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