Av. Price Of Denim Apparel Imports In US Goes Down 7% in 2009

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denim apparel The average price of imports of denim apparels into US has gone down significantly in the year 2009 as compared to the year 2008 .The year 2008 had actually seen an increase of 1% in the average price of imports of denim apparels as compared to the year 2007. But when we come to the year 2009 , the average price has actually gone down by almost 7%.This was inspite of an increase of over 1.5% in volumes. It  reflects  the spillover affect of the recessionary period that hit the world and specially the US.

Denim Apparel Imports -Value and Average Price

Year Quantity(million pcs) Value(US$ million) Average Price (per pc)
2007 549.09 4.172 $7.59
2008 577.52 4.434 $7.67
2009 584.74 4.180 $7.14

source:us dept of commerce
We can hope that the year 2010 would show an improvement in prices and the volumes as well as the reports trickling in are positive.

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