Denim Fabric Imports Into US Fall 20% In 2014

It is no secret that the imports of denim fabrics into US has been constantly falling over the last 2 decades. There was a fillip to imports when the premium denim boom came up in mid 2000s . But that also peaked out in 2005-07 period. Now there is hardly any strong reason for the imports to pick up for US , unless the production of local denim fabrics falls further.

Details 2013 (Jan-Nov) 2014 (Jan-Nov) Difference %
Quantities (million sq mtrs) 26.4 21.03 -20.4%
Av. Price $3.21 $3.46 +8%


The imported quantities decreased by about 20% from 26.4 million sq mtrs to about 21 million sq mtrs. This is a sizeable decrease in a year and does not portend well for the local jeans manufacturing at US. However, we also see an increase in average price of the imported fabrics at about 8% despite decreased quantities. This is also indicative that the imports of premium denim fabrics seem to be sustaining better over lower priced denims.


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