Import of M/B Jeans from India and Bangladesh into EU

Its very interesting to compare the import figures for 6 years of Men/Boys Jeans into EU from two South-Asian countries -India and Bangladesh..First lets see the figures and then we will discuss the same


2000 .. 377718.. 11710979
2001 .. 617787.. 18325115
2002 .. 921928.. 21693769
2003 .. 538237.. 29984007
2004 .. 411354.. 39949584
2005 .. 1599732.. 42292334
2006 .. 3350670.. 52180749
Total 7.81 million 112.29million

Its amazing to see how much ahead Bangladesh is in terms of exports of M/B Jeans to EU. In the year 2000, Bangladesh exported about 11.7 million pieces of jeans . This figure is far above the figure of export of jeans from India in the year 2006 !! – which is 3.3million..
The total exports from Bangladesh from the year 2000 to 2006 have been about 112 million pieces whereas the total from India is about 7.8 million..Though we can understand the period till 2004 when the quota restricted the exports from India . However, the period after that shows that : 1) India is not probably competitive when compared to Bangladesh and is unable to get the volume orders. 2)The infrastructure required for this volume of exports is still not available in India..

It will probably take another 4-5 years by which India will come somewhere close to Bangladesh in terms of exports of Jeans to EU …

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