Denim Exports From Cambodia To US : 2011-2014

Garment industry is important for a developing country like Cambodia. Garment work employs 400,000 people. Last year it led to export of $5 billion in goods, accounting for nearly a third of GDP . Companies from Korea and Greater China own many of the factories. There had been a long struggle going on for wage increase by the unions there – which resulted in minimum wages being increased 28% to $128 a month.

Denim is one of the important items of export from Cambodia to US market. However, is the share of denim in exports from Cambodia increasing or decreasing? We will try to find in this report the exports of denim apparel from Cambodia in the last 4 years ie from 2011 to 2014 . Also we will see how the prices for such exports  have been moving during this time.

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