Denim by PV : A/W 14-15 Trends -II

rFurther to our previous report on Denim by PV trends Part I, we are now updating the second part of the report.

First of all check out this presentation which will gives looks from the trend area and then we check out further what other companies have been doing.

We missed Candiani , Italy, at the show as they had set up their own show very nicely on a boat on the Seine river  on the occasion of their 75th anniversary!

Some of the trends which have been reinforced are :

a)Knit denim effect : The dobby structures are creating waves with a softer feel and higher stretch capabilities and not to speak of Knit like effect.  Knit denims are adding much desired alternative looks for denim.

b)Laser techniques : Lasers are now being extensively being used on fabrics as well as garments to bring out real special effects – including print looks. It becomes difficult to sometimes understand whether the garment is printed or lasered.

c)Flocked and jacquard denims: Floral and other patterns were created using jacquard weaving techniques and also flocking on the fabrics.  A number of companies have introduced the jacquard woven fabrics in their collection to cater to high end and fashionista brands.

d)Multi- hues : Multiple shades on the fabric using double, triple dye colors and with a mix of coating, overdyeing techniques have been created to give that pop up of contrasting colors and to enable garment to take on different hues on different levels of washing.

Lasers by Jeanologia , Spain

Jeanologia came out with some real amazing garments looks created by laser techniques. The garments had laser cut patterns mixed with different kinds of print / distressed and other looks and it made it difficult to find if the jeans / garment was actually lasered…

Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: JeanologiaDenim by PV 14-15 Trends: Jeanologia Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Jeanologia Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Jeanologia Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Jeanologia Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Jeanologia


Invista displayed their premium denim related products including Tough Max – which helps in creating denim twice as strong as 100% cotton, Super stretch looks with Lycra and T400, black T400 wefts and other products. A video here will give more details about their products.


Orta Anadolu- Turkey

Orta came out with some interesting concepts:

Winter Blues :A celebration of one of the world’s oldest dyes, this fabric is yarn dyed, over-dyed and indigo coated, yielding deep blacks and dark blues with rich and vivid contrast while maintaining a natural hand-feel in rigid and stretch variations.

Dare Denim : Made with environmentally friendly processes and high-tech fibers, this fabric is sustainable and highly functional, sporting tough durability, thermo-regulation, abrasion resistance, water-repellent finishes and anti-bacterial properties.

Orta Anadolu- F/w 14-15 Trends

Fits Well– Performance stretch offering both flexibility and high recovery in denim .



Hantex – Pakistan

Hantex – Denim clothing company – from Pakistan, came out with a number of knit looks including prints ,  besides some novel and interesting washing patterns on jeans.  Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Hantex Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Hantex Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Hantex Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Hantex Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Hantex Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Hantex  Denim by PV 14-15 Trends: Hantex

Check out the following two presentations which give denim looks from different companies at the show.

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